Dough Press Machine

The dough press is very popular for Pizzerias and restaurants cause it could save you lots of time to prepare the different sizes and thicknesses of pizza. You could use these machines to easily make Tortillas, Chapati, Pita bread, Parathas, Roti, Lavash, Pizza, and more food.


 Tortillas Dough Press        Production Line


The pizza dough press is equipped with the food-grade metal surface, with a heating element, which could easily press the dough ball and flatten them into the size you require. We have a clamshell design and bottom swing-away design. You could choose the no heat, upper heat, or dual heat type to make various types of dough products.

 Dough Press Production Line



Compact tabletop design

Not stick plate surfaces

Clamshell design and Bottom swing-away design

Time and temperature control

Adjustable Thickness

No heat, upper heat, and dual heat plate

Reliable and safe operation

Easy to operate and clean

 Pizza Dough Press


All these dough press machines are simple construction, which could be easy for anyone to operate. With this pizza dough press, you don’t need to spend so much time rolling out or spinning dough by hand, you could use your valuable time to do other preparing jobs.

 Pizza Dough Press


With the round plate tortillas dough press, the dough ball could be flattened into the max size of 18 inches, and 16x20 inches for the rectangle one. Make the pizza with consistent thickness and diameter, showing your professional offerings. If you have an idea to start your tortilla, pizza business, choose this simple operation, high-efficiency dough press for your restaurant, cafeteria, or pizzeria. Now contact us and get it with our promotion price.