Every company out there has not only the obligation and mandate to keeping their employees happy and satisfied with their working conditions but they also have the responsibility of making sure that their employees have the appropriate morale for work, especially team work. And there is no better way to keep the spirit up and the air positive than going for fun, recreational and motivational trips either as a departmental group or as a company at large.

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However, it all comes down to the best places to visit, as each employee has different tastes and likes. But everyone loves a day out be it with friends or colleagues sometimes all that matters is the team spirit and that feeling of belonging it gives them. Such outings always make employees feel needed and appreciated in a company, to them it is a way of knowing that their hard work is not only rewarded by their monthly salaries and benefits but also by the sheer simple acts of getting weekend outings sometimes at the expense of their company.

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As for the Twothousand machinery sales team, the place to be in China after their hard work was the Baojing Palace Cave and Qidong Hot Spring Resort. Obviously, they chose the best place to be in celebration of their summer holiday, relaxing, enchanting, exotic, calm and historical.

The Baojing Palace Cave which is located in southwest of Yingde, Yingde 513000 China is the best place to be especially if you are into caves and great lightings. The landscape is also bound to get you. As for the caves, the first is definitely the best as it is large and has lots of great stalagmites to enjoy, with the next one so hot and humid that taking pictures can be a challenge. As for the third cave, which has a more natural look and even snack shop, the view is the greatest feeling of relief and relaxation making the whole climb worth it even with all the weariness.

Baojing Palace Cave

The view of the outside once you are out of the three stories of caves is magnificent and remarkable. It is like a whole new world totally different. Though it takes loads of effort to get to the top level of the cave, it is still worth it. After all, it is the challenge that it offers that makes it even more of a beneficial trip for the employees as it keeps them engaged and challenged at the same time. They build up that competitive edge with their fellow workmates which in essence is of great value to the general outlook and development of a company.

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After all the fatigue, the sales team made it to Qidong Hot Spring Resort in Guangdong, Yingde China. With all its magnificent big rooms, the resort has great spas for relaxation and beautiful hot springs inside. Moreover, the surrounding environment is fresh, clean and of good taste with great affordable restaurants.

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