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Usually, our company, Twothousand Machinery, would organize a long journey per year. After I joined in the big family for about 5 months, the time was coming. We chose a difference province. Luckily, it is my hometown. Though I was born here, I never had a perfect time to visit the world –famous Zhangjiajie and nationally famous ancient city of Phoenix. Finally I had the chance.

Mountain Mountain


Our journey took 4 days and for two and a half days we were on the car or train. At first we thought maybe we would regret because most time we would be on the way. But it turned out this journey is really worthy of being remembered.

Twothousand's guys Twothousand's guys


Zhangjiajie is world-famous because of its beautiful and amazing natural scenery, especially the high and unique mountains. On the second day, we really began our tour. We decided to climb the mountain. In order to get to the top, we had to climb 6888 steps. To be honest, it almost killed me. And of course few colleagues were the same with me. We have sat in the office too long. It is the result of lacking of practice. The mountains are really fantastic. We took many pictures to remember the scenery.

Twothousand's guys Twothousand's guys


We even take our Twothousand’s flag there. It means that except for many countries in the world, Twothousand also marched in the big mountains. I was really exhausted when I got the top after about 4 hours. But the bad news is following. We intended to ride the cable car to go downhill, but too many people were in the line (Never look down upon the population of China) and we could not wait too long. So we took about 2 hours to step down. I felt that my feet were not my feet. When I arrived the foot of the mountain, I said, “It is really my utmost of physical strength”. But what was unbelievable was that I followed our team to walk to our hotel for 45 minutes soon after. I even didn’t know how I did it. Sometimes, if you don’t have a try, you will never know how far you can go. This is the most impressed thought I got in this trip.

Picturesque Views Twothousand's guys


Not much to talk about the ancient city because it is in the restoration period after the flood. But when we were in the ancient city, it was a totally different feeling from what we get in the modern city. You could feel that your step slowed down and your heart was peaceful. You could relax and free from pressure. I think people who live in a big city and have a lot of pressure should take a rest now and then. It can not only make your horizons open but also your heart open, which brings vigor to your life. Hope that we would have more chances to walk out and embrace the nature and peaceful life. 

Ancient city - Twothousand.com Ancient city - Twothousand.com 

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