Hope you and your family are well. Hope the COVID-19 situation will get much better soon. Now in many areas, the delivery service or the takeaway service in a restaurant, fast food store, or street food store is having high demand. And the people may also like to spend much more time to make snacks by themselves at home. Here we would like to recommend some kitchen equipment to you for improving the busy kitchen job and for making the snacks.

High - Speed Convection Oven

Convection Oven


It cooks faster than other cooking machines, the hot air blows directly onto the food, and not just around it, the cooking speed in the convection oven will increase by about 25%. It cooks more evenly, the fan in the convection oven will circulate air to help balance the temperature difference. Convection oven produces a dry atmosphere, and caramel is caramelized faster when baked, so foods such as meat and vegetables become more browny but keep the interior moist. Saving energy, because the food is cooked faster and generally cooler in the convection oven, it is more energy-efficient than a regular oven.

 Small Griddles

Small Griddles

Griddles are the popular machine in the fast-food store or home use, used for frying a variety of food like chicken wings, bacon rolls, mushrooms, and green mussels, anchovies, squid rings and so on. And the main food like rice and noodles can also be fried on the griddles. Healthy, safe, fast, it’s brilliant equipment for the big kitchen or shop openers. We have the electric griddles and the gas griddles for the tabletop type and the floor type, flat type, and the grooved type.

 Commercial Deep Fryer

Commercial Deep Fryer

Deep frying foods cook quickly, and deep-frying food is popular worldwide, like fried chicken, fried potatoes. The commercial deep fryer is an excellent equipment to improve the working efficiency as well as save the kitchen space. We have many models with various capacities for the deep fryer. With some models, you could fry two kinds of food at the same time with different temperatures. The machine is made of special material for the handle, excellent heating elements, precise temperature controls. It will be the best assistant to help you broaden the business markets, meet your daily demand, and get your return on this investment in a short time.


Series of Fast Food, Street Food Equipment and Machine for the Food Prep Process

Lots of the fast-food equipment such as the shawarma machine with the kebab slicer, chicken rotisserie ovens, commercial grills, and the street food machine such as crepe machine, waffle makers, donut machines, churro machines. Food preparing machine like the potato peeler, potato cutter, meat cutter, vegetable chopper, sausage fillers. Those machines could save time and labor costs to improve kitchen efficiency.



Improving the kitchen efficiency of food cooking and preparing, the best kitchen equipment really matters. Here we only show several models, more details please know from our website and feel free to contact us by email.