Commercial Food Mixer


The planetary mixer is widely used for mixing many types of food, they have smaller countertop types and larger floor-standing models. These commercial food mixers are the popular mixers for commercial kitchens because of their multiple applications. We Twothousand Machinery have been in the line of manufacturing and supplying the planetary mixer for more than 20 years. Here hope you could find the most suitable planetary mixer for your business.

 Countertop Mixer


Made of durable stainless steel, these planetary mixers have strong body construction, enhancement accessories, imported parts, and lifetime after-sales service and technical support, excellent work performance. Various models and capacities for your choice.


The Accessories Comes with Our Planetary Mixer

Our planetary mixer comes with a batter whisk, dough hook, and egg whisk, you could start working immediately when you purchase the planetary mixer from us Twothousand Machinery. Be called a master of everything, these commercial mixers can process a wide range of food ingredients, especially for mixing and beating baking ingredients. The egg whisk is for beating eggs, soft creams, and other whipped cream, and so on. A fundamental tool, the mixing paddle is for you to mix any items. And the dough hook is for mixing and kneading dough.

 Commercial Food Mixer

Clean and Maintain the Planetary Mixer

Like other food processing equipment, the planetary mixers also need to be cleaned for proper operation, long-lifetime and hygiene. The stainless-steel batter whisk, dough hook, and egg whisk can be cleaned by a dishwasher like the other kitchenware. And the other spare parts should be cleaned with a mild detergent and a damp cloth. Always keep in mind that the plug has been removed from the socket before you clean the planetary mixer.

 Planetary Mixer Production Line

Get the Best Planetary Mixer for Your Business

No matter you are in the business of a bakery, pizzeria, or restaurant to make the pastry, pizza or meat dish, or soup, you need to know the vital role of a good mixer for your kitchen. The best planetary mixer for you is dependent on your personal wishes, demands, and needs. An important consideration is the mixing bowl capacity, looking for a planetary mixer that not only perfect for the catering companies but also works well for small kitchen. Twothousand Machinery various capacities for this kind of the commercial food mixer.