Ice Cream Shop is a place can bring you the joy. People all love the ice cream and it is hard to reject a tasty ice cream in front of you. The popularity and high profit are the main the reasons for the booming of the ice cream shops now. Do you want to catch the opportunity to open an Ice Cream Shop? If yes, just contact us, we Grandchill Refrigeration Equipment is a professional ice cream shop solutions provider.


If you have a plan to start an ice cream shop, you should be a big fan of ice cream first, you need to have the sensitive taste to each flavor of the ice cream, it should have the most popular flavors to bring the returned customers to your shops, this is the main the key to success for your ice cream shop. Secondly, you should have the inspiration on your menu. An Ice Cream Shop should have an attractive and diversification menu. How to make your ice cream business sustainable in a competitive market, the important weapon is your creativity.


Ice Cream parlors


How do you make your ice cream business success?

First, you need to have a good formula, and a good raw material suppler.

Secondly, you need to have the professional equipment to produce the ice cream.

Thirdly, you need to have the value-added ice cream to bring you huge profit.


What equipment you need for your ice cream shop? 

  1. Pasteurizer: Decrease bacterial and improve the cream liquid quality
  2. Hard ice cream machine: it uses to mix the liquid cream and freeze the liquid to solid, the mixing procedure can bring the air into the ice cream, which make the smooth taste.
  3. Blast freezer: Put the shaped ice cream tank into a blast freezer, it can fast freeze the ice cream to keep the shape and promote the formation of the tiny ice crystal in the ice cream.
  4. Ice Cream Showcase: it uses to display and stock the ice cream, but the most important is the attractive ice cream showcase with different colors of the ice cream brings you clients.
  5. Ice cream blending machine: it uses to blend the ice cream with frozen fresh fruits and nuts, this machine can create an endless variety flavors of ice cream, it is the ideal product can make your ice cream different to the others.

Ice cream parlors

How to purchase the equipment?

Grandchill Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd has the complete equipment for the whole ice cream shop. Welcome to contact us for more information.