Restaurant Equipment Safety

By Heather Lacey, eHow Contributor
Restaurant equipment increases productivity and efficiency in the food service industry, but the many moving parts on these machines can be hazardous for the unprepared employee.

Steam can burn as badly as hot water. When removing items from a steamer or pressure cooker, ensure that the machine is turned off before opening the lid. Always stand to the side when opening the lid to avoid burns from the escaping steam.

When using a mixer, be sure to secure loose clothing or hair that could become entangled in the turning pieces. Do not reach hands into mixing bowls when the machine is running. If the equipment has a safety guard, ensure the guard is in position before operation.

Never use a slicer without a safety guard and use push sticks instead of your hands to feed meat or cheese into the slicer blade.

Be cautious near fryers. Although the oil does not have a boiling appearance, it is extremely hot. Always use baskets or tongs to remove fried foods and be careful when adding foods to the fryer to avoid splashing oil.

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