Baking has enjoyed an enormous boost in popularity and large shares in the food industry over the past couple of years. People without culinary backgrounds can get into this industry easily, and bakeries allow you to express your extraordinary culinary creativity. Open a new business, expand the existing one, or replace some obsolete pieces, we need to think about what we wish to produce, and how much, the size and type of your bakery, cause those details will influence the specific pieces of equipment we should purchase. Here We will help you to choose the right equipment for your small bakery.

Ordering Equipment for Your Bakery

Stand Mixer

Dough sheeter

Food Mixer

Dough Mixer


Dough Preparing

The dough preparing machine includes the cream mixer to mix the butter and milk.

The dough sheeter machine is for the dough sheeting.

Commercial mixers and dough mixer to mix the dough and some other ingredients.

Dough dividers to divide the dough.(Optional)

Dough Moulder to mould the dough in shape. (Optional)

Proofer for the quick fermentation process. (Optional)


Baking Equipment

Convection oven providing the dry heat and bake evenly is a popular bakeries baking oven.

Deck oven you may need if you prepare to make lots of artisan bread.

Rotary roll-in rack oven is the high-output oven, ideal for the wholesale bakeries. In this process, you just choose the machine as per your requirement.

 Baking Oven

Display Case for Your Baked Products

With the right display cases for your baked goods can help boost your sales. We have the refrigerated and unrefrigerated display case, and you could choose it as per your needs.


Bakery Smallwares

In addition to your large equipment to make the baked products, you will also need to take the storage equipment like shelving, storage racks, and workbench into your planned equipment list.

We have the full set of bakery equipment for your options, feel free to contact us for more info.