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    New Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Purchase Guide


    Established in 2000, Twothousand Machinery supplies the top Secure and New Restaurant Kitchen Equipment with whole-life technical support. With the mission of being the service leader in food machinery and providing customers with whole-life value, we have helped hundreds of restaurants and 5 stars hotels to establish kitchen projects in different countries within 14 years. Please take your time to browse our New Restaurant Kitchen Equipment, or just tell us what business you are planning to do. We are confident that Twothousand’s New Restaurant Kitchen Equipment will fit your needs and help us achieve our goals together.

    On this page, TWOTHOUSAND has screened all of the great products we sell and organized them to fit your new restaurant purchasing needs, all of them have completed the long test of time and our customers.

    All Commercial Kitchen Design Here

    The restaurant equipment were sorted in:

    1) Food preparation system: dough making, dough forming; vegetable washing and cutting; meat cut, salted and smoked etc.
    2) Pastry bakery system: machines to produce pizzas, muffins, French baguettes, all kinds of pastries etc.
    3) Food cooking system: rice cooked, fish steamed, meat fried and griddled, vegetable boiled etc.
    4) Drink system: cold and hot juice making, beverage making, and alcohol supply;
    5) Storage system: food refrigerated and frozen, wine storage, food packing, and kitchen utensils storage;
    6) Food transfer system: dining cart, food warming cart etc.
    7) Cleaning system: dish and cup washing, smoke hood etc.
    8) Buffet area: buffet utensil, chafing dish etc.

    Start shopping our New Restaurant Equipment below or call 0086-2038768241 to speak with one of our product consultants for assistance.

    Expert Solutions

    Please contact us if there is any selecting question, as professional experts in the New Restaurant Equipment since 2000, our experienced consultants are happy to help you make the right equipment decision based your specific need.

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    See Below Kitchen Equipment Items


     Commercial Ranges  Countertop Fryers  Commercial Fryers  Commercial Griddles
    Commercial Ranges Countertop Fryers Commercial Fryers Commercial Griddles
      Gas Hot Plates  Commercial Grills  Salamander Grills  Electric Food Warmers
    Gas Hot Plates Commercial Grills Salamander Grills Electric Food Warmers
     Restaurant Steamers  Crepe Machine  Commercial Waffle Makers  Commercial Toasters
    Restaurant Steamers Crepe Machine Commercial Waffle Makers Commercial Toasters
     Combi Ovens  Reach in Refrigerators  Undercounter Refrigerators  Commercial Prep Tables
    Combi Ovens Reach in Refrigerators Undercounter Refrigerators Commercial Prep Tables
     Walk-in Cold Rooms  Stand Mixers  Immersion Blenders  Meat Bone Saws
    Walk-in Cold Rooms Stand Mixers Immersion Blenders Meat Bone Saws
     Commercial Meat Slicers  Commercial Meat Grinders  Vegetable Choppers  Bowl Cutters
    Commercial Meat Slicers Commercial Meat Grinders Vegetable Choppers Bowl Cutters
     Vegetable and Meat Processors  Potato Peeling Machines  Potato Chips Machines  Bakery Racks
    Vegetable and Meat Processors Commercial Peeler Machines Potato Cutter Machines Bakery Racks
     Utility Carts  Plate Stacking Trolleys  Stainless Working Tables  Compartment Sinks
    Utility Carts Plate Stacking Trolleys Stainless Working Tables Compartment Sinks
     Stainless Steel Shelving  Stainless Steel Cabinet  Commercial Hoods  Chafe Dish
    Stainless Steel Shelving Stainless Steel Cabinet Commercial Hoods Chafe Dish
     Steam Pans  Steam Jacketed Kettles  Warewashers  
    Steam Pans Steam Jacketed Kettles Warewashers


    Need Help?

    Need Help?

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