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    School Cafe Equipment From our school cafe equipment guide

    Welcome to Your School Cafe Equipment Purchasing Guide!

    Twothousand has screened all of the great products we sell and organized them to fit your new school cafe purchasing needs.Start shopping our School Cafe Equipment below or call 0086 20 38768241 to speak with one of our product consultants for assistance. 

    All Commercial Kitchen Design Here

    Slide Video of Our Kitchen Design Solutions 


     Countertop Fryers  Commercial Griddles  Commercial Grills  Crepe Machine  
    Countertop Fryers Commercial Griddles Commercial Grills  Crepe Machine
     Commercial Waffle Makers  Bain Marie  Hot Food Display  Coffee Hot Plate  
    Commercial Waffle Makers Bain Marie  Hot Food Display Coffee Hot Plate
     Commercial Coffee Maker  Food Heat Lamps  Hot Dog Steamers  Hot Dog Grills  
    Commercial Coffee Makers Food Heat Lamps  Hot Dog Steamers  Hot Dog Grills
     Popcorn Machines  Donut Machines  Candy Floss Machines  Commercial Toasters  
    Popcorn Machines Donut Machines Candy Floss Machines  Commercial Toasters
     Commercial Chocolate Machines  Commercial Blenders
     Milk Shakers  Commercial Orange Juicers  
    Chocolate Machines
    Commercial Blenders Milk Shakers  Commercial Orange Juicers
     Ice Cream Machines  Ice Gream Display  Slush Machines  Beverage Dispenser  
    Ice Cream Machines Ice Cream Displays Slush Machines Beverage Dispenser
     Commercial Ice Makers  Reach in Refrigerators  Undercounter Refrigerators  Commercial Prep Tables  
    Commercial Ice Makers Reach in Refrigerators Undercounter Refrigerators Commercial Prep Tables
    Stand Mixers  Immersion Blenders  Commercial Meat Slicers  Commercial Meat Grinders  
    Stand Mixers Immersion Blenders Commercial Meat Slicers Commercial Meat Grinders
     Vegetable Chopper  Potato Peeling Machines  Potato Chips Machines  Bakery Racks  
    Vegetable Chopper Potato Peeling Machines Potato Chips Machines Bakery Racks
     Utility Carts  Stainless Working Tables  Compartment Sinks  Stainless Steel Shelving  
    Utility Carts Stainless Working Tables Compartment Sinks Stainless Steel Shelving
     Stainless Steel Cabinet  Cup Sealers  Water Boilers
    Stainless Steel Cabinet Cup Sealers Water Boilers

    Expert Solutions

    Please contact with us if there is any selecting question:as professional experts in the School Cafe Equipment since
    2000, our experienced consultants are happy to help you make the right equipment decision based upon your specific needs.

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    Need Help?

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